Episode 241: The Importance of Satya

The gangster film and the city film are two genres that took a while to evolve in Bollywood. Uday Bhatia joins Amit Varma in episode 241 of The Seen and the Unseen to explain why Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya was a seminal moment, shaped by what came before it, and changing the course of Hindi cinema.

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Films mentioned in this episode:
1. Early Indian crime films: KismetPocket MaarAwaara.
2. Early Indian noir by Navketan films and others:  BaaziCID,  Aar PaarKala Bazaar.
3. Some post-noir Bollywood: Teesri ManzilJohny Mera NaamBlackmailZanjeerDeewar.
4. Ardh Satya.
5. A selection from the 1980s: VidhaataKarzArjunTezaabParindaHathyaar.
6. Films showcasing Bombay or Bambaiyya: Taxi DriverAar PaarAakhri KhatBombay to GoaGharaonda, Guddi, Salaam Bombay and much of the work of Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee.
7. Two key precursers: Is Raat Ki Subaah NahinBandit Queen.
8. Ram Gopal Varma’s key past films: RangeelaShivaDaudCompany.
9. Miscellaneous mentions: RaakhHaasilMunna Bhai MBBSGangs of WasseypurAankhon Dekhi.
9. Uday Bhatia’s recommendations: China Town27 DownArvind Desai Ki Ajeeb DastaanSehar.

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