Episode 293: Womaning in India With Mahima Vashisht

The world we live in is designed by men for men. What is it like to be a woman in this world? Mahima Vashisht joins Amit Varma in episode 293 of The Seen and the Unseen to share her experiences documenting all that is unseen by men and lived by women.

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14. Kavitha Rao and Our Lady Doctors — Episode 235 of The Seen and the Unseen.
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19. An Unsuitable Boy — Karan Johar.
20. The Nurture Assumption — Judith Rich Harris.
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34. Two Girls Hanging From a Tree — Episode 209 of The Seen and the Unseen (w Sonia Faleiro).
35. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.
36. Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar’s Swachh Bharat commercial.
37. Twin Peaks — David Lynch.
38. The Life and Times of Nilanjana Roy — Episode 284 of The Seen and the Unseen.
39. My Friend Sancho — Amit Varma.
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41. Inside Bill’s Brain — Decoding Bill Gates.
42. Daily Rituals — Mason Currey.
43. Daily Rituals: Women at Work — Mason Currey.
44. The tweet Mahima referred to about Albert Einstein’s wife.
45. Eileen Mary O’Connell’s tweet about Marie Curie and Mariah Carey.
46. The Loneliness of the Indian Woman — Episode 259 of The Seen and the Unseen (w Shrayana Bhattacharya).
47. The Life and Times of Urvashi Butalia — Episode 287 of The Seen and the Unseen.
48. The Incredible Curiosities of Mukulika Banerjee — Episode 276 of The Seen and the Unseen.
49. It is immoral to have children. Here’s why — Amit Varma.
50. Men Must Step Up Now — Amit Varma.
51. Superforecasting — Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner.
52. Who gains from the new Maternity Benefit Act Amendment? — Devika Kher.
53. Here’s What’s Wrong With the Maternity Benefits Act — Suman Joshi.
54. This Be The Verse — Philip Larkin.
55. Deep Work — Cal Newport.
56. Invisible Women — Caroline Criado Perez.
57. The controversy over the woman with an oxygen cylinder cooking in the kitchen.
58. We Should Celebrate Rising Divorce Rates (2008) — Amit Varma.
59. The Kavita Krishnan Files — Episode 228 of The Seen and the Unseen.
60. Fearless Freedom — Kavita Krishnan.
61. Why Loiter? — Shilpa Phadke.
62. The Jackson Katz quote on passive sentence constructions.
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67. How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings — Sarah Cooper.
68. Untamed — Glennon Doyle.
69. Shrill — Lindy West.
70. Steal Like an Artist — Austin Kleon.
71. Show Your Work — Austin Kleon.
72. Keep Going — Austin Kleon.
73. Hannah GadsbyTig NotaroJames Acaster and Karunesh Talwar.
74. And here’s Mahima’s post with more show notes!

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