The Art of Podcasting

An online course spread out over three weeks. 

Podcasting is a not a fad. Podcasting is not video without visuals. Podcasting is not self-indulgent blah-blah.

Podcasting is different from all other forms in fundamental and powerful ways. It allows you to go deeper and broader than videos or text. And there is no barrier to entry apart from the desire to have a voice. Anyone can start a podcast.

I did. And I’d love to share my learnings so that you can as well.

Welcome to The Art of Podcasting. This is an online course conducted by me that consists of three webinars over three weekends. In this course, I will cover:

  • How to think about podcasting.
  • What’s so different, and so great, about audio.
  • The different kinds of audio storytelling.
  • The art of the interview.
  • What you need to get started in terms of equipment and apps.
  • The nitty-gritties of hosting, distribution and marketing.
  • What will make your podcast special.

I will also point you to resources, and help you with a downloadable checklist that you might find handy as you start. My writing course ended up in a writing community that has its own newsletter and YouTube channel. Who knows where this will end up?

About me: I host and produce The Seen and the Unseen, and used to host and produce Econ Central. I helped a bunch of podcasts get off the ground when I was editor of Pragati back in the day. I love this medium, and I will bloody well make you love it as well if you sign up!

Price: Rs 10,000 + GST, which comes to Rs 11,800. (US$ 155). 

Registrations for the January 2022 batch have now closed. I have no immediate plans for new batches, but do fill up this form to be notified in case I resume teaching it in future.